May 20, 2020


The safety of our staff and guests is our utmost concern during these trying times of COVID-19. We ask that everyone be patient with staff, be respectful and follow guidelines for service. Refusal to follow guidelines could result in loss of service for all. Changes will be made as more changes are released by the government and Interior Health.

Cart Service Guidelines for 2020:

  • Please maintain 2 meters away from Cart Staff
  • Do not go to the cart searching and touching items; we need to eliminate unnecessary touch
  • We are working on a printed cart menu to be posted for all to see what we have available
  • Cash, Debit & Credit cards will be accepted forms of payment; NO TABS allowed
  • Tell Cart Staff your order; staff will place your order on the end of the cart (opposite side from the driver) for payment and pickup. Cart staff will go to the other side of the
  • Please sanitize your hands before you pick up your items and process payment. Once you get your items please return to your cart/golf bag
  • Dispose of your empties only in the green garbage can only. Cart staff will sanitize after you are done using.
  • There will be another small garbage can available for other garbage if needed. Cart staff will be using said garbage can for cart garbage (sanitizing cart and debit machine)
  • At this point we will not be offering hard alcohol, as we need to eliminate multiple touch points to keep our staff safe. This will change as we work thru the necessary
  • Coffee- Personal coffee mugs will not be filled. On Course, you will get 1 free refill in a new paper cup

Please be patient & courteous as we navigate this new normal. Have a great game!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Scott & Penny Cook