Club Championship Information

Pace of Play

Please keep pace to the group in front.
4 ¼ hour rounds are the maximum allotted time for EVERY GROUP!
The tournament committee, at their discretion, will assess all players in a group that finishes more than 15 minutes behind the group ahead, a one (1) stroke penalty for slow play.
Note: Rule 5.6a (Unreasonable Delay of Play) is still applicable.


  •  Men will play Blue Tees.
  •  Senior Men (65 +) will play White Tees.
  •  Ladies will play Red Tees.
  •  Senior Ladies (65+) will play Red Tees.
  •  Junior Boys will play White Tees.


1) Rules for this tournament are those governed by Golf Canada. If there is a tie, there will be a count back (using High Retrogression by our Impact Scoring System). Overall Championship for each division will play off, sudden death format until a winner is determined.

2) All scores are to be entered as Tournament Scores when posted to your Golf Canada handicap file.

3) Winter Rules in Effect

  • The ball can be bumped in own fairway using clubhead no further than 2 club lengths and no closer to the hole.
  • Putts must be holed out and the ball must stay in the cup in order to be counted as holed. If the foam insert is resting unusually high in the cup please tap it down.
  • Please notify fellow competitors at all times what your intentions are regarding a rule. If there is any uncertainty play two balls to finish off the hole and get a ruling on your score from the Rules Committee upon the completion of your round.

4) Local Rules: (In addition to what is stated on the score card)

  • All Penalty Areas are marked by Red or Yellow stakes. (The penalty area boundary is defined by the cut of grass not a line of sight from stake to stake)
  • Out of Bounds is marked by white stakes. (The boundary is marked by a line of sight from stake to stake)
  • #11 is defined by the cement curb (The road is O.B.)
  • French Drain on #8 – Free relief may be taken within one club length of nearest point of relief.
  • Distance Measuring Devices – A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.
  • The embedded ball local rule is in effect which modifies the rule to include through the green.
  • Local Rule E-5 is in play for balls lost in the general area and played out of bounds.
  • Lift clean and place in bunkers and if you choose, you can drop the ball outside the bunker no closer to the hole for a one stroke penalty.

Deuce Pot

Optional Deuce Pot is $10 per person. This covers both Saturday and Sunday play.


  • Saturday: All flights will use hole #5 for KP. A spotter will do the measuring and recording.
  • Sunday: All flights will use hole #11 for KP. A spotter will do the measuring and recording.


Prizes will be awarded by Flight.

We will post the results in the website news section and email the results to you on Sunday evening as soon as they are complete.

There will not be a banquet meal associated with the event. For those who paid the $65 entry fee your account has been refunded $25. Hopefully, we will be back to normal next year.

Round 1 Tee Times

2020 Club Championship
Round 1 - August 15, 2020
Tee Listing - Fernie Golf Club
8:00 AEvan CowanKevin PierceMike VanderDeen
8:10 AGreg KosinskiJason BornPeter Rosendahl
8:20 ACreighton GloberConnor DuncanDave Morgan
8:30 ADave KarbashewskiBarry WollachDavid Prochnau
8:40 AScott RobinsonBrandon JohnsonPhil Iddon
8:50 ARobert BaherEvan NuttallTyler Fortin
9:00 AChris WelchKevin MitchellBill FlemingSandy Ogilvie
9:10 ABrendan MorganFredrik BergkvistSteve Harkies
9:20 AJared Sailersonny muzzinJeff Williams
9:30 ABrad CoxPaul RogersMike HaugJamey Farr
9:40 AMike MooreGord GoodmanJames CooperJim Johnson
9:50 AAidan ChudleighPerry ServelloDustin Stuffco
10:00 AMartin ZralRoman BasarabaTim Young
10:10 ADarin RadkieJordan GuzziKevin McIsaac
10:20 ATed SandersNeil McKendrickGlenn JaebDoug Kuntz
10:30 AKen MacleodBill PacharaJim HendersonRod Gray
10:40 ARon BucknoLarry FaulconerHans Holz
10:50 APayton BornJacob PekarskyFrank AbdouDave O'Haire
11:00 ARick SchroederJohn LennoxDwight Field
11:10 AClaude MartinRick GanterAl Kamp
11:20 ATitia BornBridget HemstedChristine Stein
11:30 AAnnica CollombinShannon WhalenKathy Pachara
11:40 APatty VadnaisBonny McKendrickJill Snell
11:50 AKathy JaebKaren FarrLoretta Johnson
12:00 PUrsula SchroederDanielle KiedykPat Moore