We had around 100 participants for the golf and they donated about $820, that was split 50/50 with the Salvation Army (food bank) and Cycling Without Age. The SA was very appreciative of the donation. I know that CWA is also very appreciative as they just paid their insurance bill of $4000 for 2023!

One story I thought was funny, happened when I stopped a car with a young family as they came into the parking lot – I asked the driver if they were there to ski or golf? He cracked right up and laughed and answered – “to ski”.  So, I told him just be careful of the golfers when skiing and have a great time. He stopped laughing and asked if I was serious – I said yes! He looked very surprised!



From left to right: Duane Janzen, Joel LeTourneau, Bruce Elson, the Griz, Gord Goodman and Dave O’Haire